Star Trek: TOS

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It was a wonderful ceremony. Probably. Spock moved among the wedding party, nodding politely in lieu of a smile. McCoy was standing by the bar, grinning from ear to ear. All, then, presumably, was well. Spock sidled up to him.

"Nothing like Southern hospitality." The doctor raised his glass. "Though I don't suppose you'd know, would you?"

"It is highly agreeable."

"Agreeable! Why, I'm as happy as a pig in mud!"

Spock raised an eyebrow. "An idiom, presumably."

"You presume damn right. Now, if you'll excuse me." McCoy moved to the dance floor.

Pigs. Dancing. Earth would forever elude him.

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A Good Ear


"You know..." Bones raised his cup towards the sky. For a moment just it hung there, swaying slightly. "They say... they say, on Vulcan, that the shape of your ears determine your soulmate."

Jim glanced up at him. How much of the bourboun had ended up in his coffee? There was a fair amount in Jim's cup, too. "What?"


"How would you know?"

Bones pointed to his head. "Had him in here." His eyes widened. "I remember stuff. Honest truth."

Jim snorted, taking a drink. "I'm not Spock"

"Just saying," Bones looked up. "You and him got good ears."

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Rite of Passage


"It's an emotion detector." McCoy studied them both closely.

Kirk reached out to touch the smooth archway, half expecting McCoy to protest. He did not.

"See, the natives here had developed robots that looked close enough to a living person that couldn't tell the difference. Except for one thing."

"Emotion?" Spock raised an eyebrow.

"Exactly. That's mostly a glandular thing. Only someone capable of emotion can pass through those gates."

Kirk's lips twitched as he walked through. McCoy followed.

Spock remained, staring.

McCoy laughed, waving a hand. "I'm joking. It's just a doorway."

Spock remained. Eventually, turning, he walked away.

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Doctor's Orders


"Listen Bones, just between you and me..." Jim set his glass down and turned to his friend. It was late, the bottle was nearly empty, and the evening was pleasant.

"Yes, Jim?" Bones smiled up at him with the same inscrutable sardonic smile as always.

"Back on the five year mission... why all the fuss about my diet? All the food was perfectly balanced in nutrition anyway. And those workouts you made me do. A shot could have done the same thing."

"Oh, Jim..." He smiled, taking a deep sip. "What's to say I didn't like to see you sweat?"

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