For a Good Cause

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"Pound for pound, that's a bargain. Have you seen the size of this guy?"

Tony slapped Steve's side so hard he flinched. Steve said nothing, adjusting his tuxedo. He could deal with Tony later.

"Walk," Tony whispered in Steve's ear, or rather, slightly below it.

Obediently, he took a few steps down the runway. It wasn't the first time he'd been paraded around on stage for a good cause. When Tony gestured, he did a turn. For whatever reason, the crowd gasped.

"Like I said, bidding starts at 500K."

Charity, Steve told himself. Behind him, Tony kept outbidding the audience.


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Nice :D (excuse my poor comment, I am but a vessel for wine at this hour)

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Tony would approve, as do I. <3

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