Answers That Bring More Questions

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"So while each of these alone are weak, together..." Mouse explained.
"Interesting, but the girl had just the one," Owl mused.
"Well, something triggered it. Otherwise it wouldn't be enough to make her faceplant..."
"...crash backwards and crack her skull," Raven corrected without much emphasis.
"That. Whatever."
"So we are looking for yet another source of magic?" Raven sighed and shook his head.
Owl clapped him on the shoulder.
"Let me know what you find," Mouse shrugged. "I have a report to make."
Wolf's eyes had that expression that should scare you. The one of infinite knowledge carefully hidden away.


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FŇůůůů! Do toho!
Hele, Raven, neprotestujeme a makáme :D

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Ty jsou perfektní!

The plot thickens.

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