Take a Bath, Mitten!

Obrázek uživatele Roy

Rage and distress filled Mitten, his meal got interrupted. The food bowl grew smaller as he gets carried away to the unknown, "What is it now, human?" Mitten uttered while being held between two arms, it came as purrs and meows which no one understood. After few steps, a stingy cold sensation attacked Mitten's skin; caught by surprise, resistance proved futile. To make things worse, bubbles started forming, "What's this? Puny human, what's this?!" Mitten meows loudly. After what it seemed to be an eternity, he's finally out. "Ugh, awful!" Mitten complains, "Sniff, sniff.. Hmm, at least I smell nice."


Obrázek uživatele Smrtijedka

Awww, so cute! This drabble is awesome.

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