FIY, If You Can

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FIY Hospital is a special kind of hospital, the kind that houses "unique" patients, to the point that if you imagine a disease, it probably exists there.

One day, FIY receives a new patient, who stirred up quite the commotion. He appears perfectly ordinary; however, on a whim, he can terrify the boldest hearts, his screams shake your very soul, and his strength eerily doubles.

Because of him, what has been hell in FIY became despaired inferno; unfortunately, none has survived his phases. Some say he was chosen to end their misery, but some say he has anger management issues.

Závěrečná poznámka: 

We in FIY hospital are not responsible for any injuries, lost items or accidents caused by the liable customer or any third party.

In case of occurrence, do as our company's name suggests, FIY: Fix It Yourself.


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Lovely! In a way. :)

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